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Law Firm Of Texas

The Michel Law Firm welcomes routine cases as well as novel cases of first impression. We are dedicated to representing the property owners of Texas in protecting their property interests against county appraisal districts and local taxing authorities.

Our legal services include:

* Property value appeals of appraisal review board orders to state district court.
* Prosecution of property value litigation against appraisal districts.
* Compelling appraisal review boards to conduct hearings or issue orders in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Property Tax Code.
* Compelling appraisal districts and appraisal review boards to comply with the requirements of the Texas Property Tax Code and Texas Constitution.
* Representing property owners and lien holders in delinquent property tax suits.
* Advising and consulting property owners on property tax matters.
* Negotiating with appraisal districts to resolve property value disputes.

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